Building A Healthy Living Community

At Crowninshield Management Corp. we are fortunate to have valued relationships with hundreds of trustees. Each and every day our team listens and responds to the needs of our clients throughout New England. Although many of our residential complexes differ in size and needs, all properties share a common goal to create a healthy community. We reached out to a few trustees to share how they strive to create a vibrant community.

Community Environment

Tips from the Trustees at Crowninshield

William Neff, a trustee at Bishops Forest II in Waltham, Massachusetts with 81 units feels lucky that the residents in his community “are all about the place.” He points to two key ingredients to building a healthy community, a well-functioning board and a strong property management company. “Our board is small. We have five members, but we all care about our neighbors and the community,” says Neff who notes that everyone is both motivated and intelligent.” He adds that the property manager fits in with the community and has a relationship with the community as a whole.

Needing a Dedicated Trustee & Property Manager

Terry Wilkins, a trustee at Village Green West Condominium in North Andover, agrees that you need dedicated trustees and a competent property manager, but adds that you also need community interest as well. She also notes people typically don’t care about things as long as they are going along fine. “When you have a crisis like ice dams or needing a new roof, people get interested,” says Wilkins who notes that you can’t always give people what they want. “Balancing keeping people happy and being responsible to the trust agreement is what it is all about,” she says.

“It is our pleasure to work with active boards to enhance their communities. The Crowninshield team is here as a resource to brainstorm, troubleshoot and provide guidance. We have over four decades of experience in all aspects of property management,” says Deborah Collier-Comins, Crowninshield Management Corp. President.

Communication is Key to a Healthy Community

Good communication is also a key ingredient to building a healthy community. Ongoing, clear communication helps people feel more engaged and invested. There are so many tools available today online to help get your message. It is important that everyone feels part of the process. As Margaret Mead said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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