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Washington School Apartments In New Britain, CT

For over 45 years, our steadfast dedication to New England communities has been our pride and joy. We’ve actively managed more than 1,100 buildings, tailoring our services to meet each property’s unique needs. Specializing in studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom units, along with federally assisted elderly housing, our expertise covers both rental and leased apartments.

Beyond management, we provide comprehensive property maintenance services, ensuring your investment is well-maintained. We cultivate personalized relationships with every client, emphasizing attention to detail, transparent communication, and your success. Leveraging our extensive experience and professionalism, we’ve become a cornerstone in effective community and property management.

Our continuous growth and adaptability underscore our commitment to creating vibrant, secure, and thriving living environments for all residents. Join us in shaping a better community for everyone we serve.

 Why Choose Crowninshield Management Corporation?

  • Qualified maintenance technicians
  • Respond rapidly to all maintenance service requests
  • Expert team with dictation to tenant satisfaction
  • Proactive Solutions for Property Comfort and Functionality
  • Reliable property management met with efficiency and professionalism

Apartment Property Security Services

 At Crowninshield Management Corporation, we prioritize the safety of our properties and residents. We employ a range of meticulous security precautions, inspired by apartment management best practices, to create a secure living environment that aligns with our dedication to excellence.

Our Security Features: 

  • High-Quality Surveillance: Strategically placed cameras for comprehensive coverage.
  • Enhanced Lighting: Well-lit parking lots and other areas to boost resident safety and deter criminal activity.
  • Routine Inspections: Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, outlets, and more regularly inspected during maintenance checks.

What We Can Offer to Add For Your Property

At Crowninshield Management Corporation, we offer a suite of comprehensive services to meet your apartment management needs.

Apartment Financing Services

  • Prompt financial statements and precise bill payments.
  • Crafting accurate budgets aligned with client objectives.
  • Expert management of budgeting, monthly statements, accounts, rent collection, banking, and fund security.

Apartment Property Inspections

  • Meticulous property inspection protocols.
  • Setting elevated standards for long-term value and tenant satisfaction.
  • Demonstrating dedication to comprehensive property management.

Apartment Maintenance

  • 24/7 availability for prompt and efficient issue resolution.
  • Emergency repairs and proactive identification of maintenance needs.
  • Effective communication, consistent updates, and ensuring an enjoyable living space.

Background Checks

  • Thorough background checks for tenant suitability and trustworthiness.
  • Proactive approach to mitigate risks and achieve low-turnover rates.
  • Fostering a secure and coexisting living environment.

HOA Compliance

  • Dedication to maintaining properties in line with HOA standards.
  • Clear and effective communication with homeowners.
  • Adherence to HOA policies for a harmonious community.

Rent Collection

  • Comprehensive rent collection services to alleviate property owner burdens.
  • Timely and efficient payment processes.
  • Meticulous strategies for maximizing returns and ensuring a seamless rent collection process.

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