Condominium Management

Crowninshield Management’s current portfolio includes nearly 6,000 condominium units located in over 60 communities throughout New England. By developing a successful relationship with each community association, we can effectively plan and manage the physical and financial assets of our clients.

Understanding Your Management Needs

Our community managers possess a broad range of experience and expertise and frequently collaborate to ensure the needs of our clients are met. Whether it’s a large scale construction project at a site, or a smaller project requiring close attention to schedule and owner coordination, our portfolio managers assist our clients through these projects to ensure the job contract is completed.

A Smooth Transfer From Previous Management

Whether transitioning from developer or a previous management firm, Crowninshield has a system in place that ensures a smooth transfer while improving services. Each transition is supervised by our executive team which includes our Vice President.

Communication, Care, and Attention

Crowninshield takes pride in being able to offer all of the resources of a large firm, while providing the communication, care and attention usually associated with a smaller company. Hands-on management, employee retention and ongoing staff training are the keys to ensuring that we are able to accomplish our goals.


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