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The Resident Services Program at Crowninshield Management Corporation

Our Philosophy

Crowninshield Management Corporation (CMC) recognizes that providing housing for its residents involves much more than a building of bricks and mortar. Property management is a people business and providing services that respond to the needs of our residents, while also offering a connection to the larger community in which they reside, are very important to us. We continuously strive for excellence as we create living environments that make housing a home. As a Property Management Company, we strive to create a safe place where the community as a whole thrives, where people feel valued and where their dignity is upheld – in essence, a place they call home.

Our Core Values

Respect Is Key at CMC

Our Respect Is Key policy sets the tone for a respectful and harmonious environment at our housing communities and the expectations we have of our staff, residents, visitors, providers and vendors serving the properties.

Our Team Approach

The CMC Resident Services Program was established over 15 years ago and starts with a team approach between management and resident services. We strive for excellence on all levels, helping to enhance the quality of life for those individuals who call a CMC managed community their home.

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A Safe and Supportive Environment

A primary goal of our Resident Services Program is to establish a safe and supportive environment that promotes residents’ ability to age in place. We accomplish this in many ways. Our resident service coordinators are able to link residents to the supportive services they may need such as public service benefits. We also aim to enrich the quality of life for all residents through the coordination of on-site educational, wellness and social programs as well as by providing activities that foster community-building and healthy living environments.

Community Collaboration

Collaboration and partnerships with community-based providers is essential to being a good neighbor in the communities where our housing is located. By building partnerships with these organizations, we are able to refer residents to a multitude of local resources and services. Our approach to program development is based on a capacity building model and is resident and stakeholder inclusive. Together, we aim to “bring the community in” by accessing program and service opportunities available to the residential community and bridging connections, thus building capacity and strength in our program and services.

Hear from a few of our residents and the RSCs:

A word to the community from our RSC manager:

And for a sample of a Property RSC Program Brochure with FAQ’s CLICK HERE.