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Crowninshield Property Management

About Our Property Management Company

At Crowninshield, we treat your property as our property. Our property management company specializes in top-notch real estate management services for all of our clients’ properties, including apartments, condominiums, and commercial locations. Our team works closely with our clients to ensure a personalized approach that delivers streamlined positive results.

In addition, Crowninshield Management Corporation is proud to call itself an Accredited Management Organization ® with the Institute of Real Estate Management. From top to bottom, our staff and administrative team uphold the highest ethical standards, treating every property with respect and integrity.

Apartment Management

Our property management company has serviced the specific needs of over 1100 apartment units through transparent communication, diligent maintenance, various administrative tasks, and more.

Condominium Management

Crowninshield has performed dedicated management services for over 6000 condo units across 60 New England communities, including working with condominium associations and/or board of trustees.

Commercial Property Management

Maintaining commercial property management and operations is a 24/7 task that requires precise attention to detail. Our team can help take tedious tasks off your hands to help you focus on your commercial endeavors.

Our valued clients include:

  • condominium associations 
  • homeowners associations
  • apartment communities
  • single-family home developments
  • retail properties
  • shopping centers 
  • public housing 
  • office buildings
  • industrial parks
  • And more

Serving The North Shore and Surrounding Communities for Over 45 Years

Our real estate management company has served New England communities for over 45 years. From the North Shore of Massachusetts to Boston’s MetroWest and down through New Britain, Connecticut, and their surrounding areas, our team knows the region and its people, ensuring a personal, local touch and positive results property management throughout our management services.

Get In Touch With Crowninshield

It’s no secret that managing properties isn’t a simple task. It requires time, energy, and strict attention to detail. In this aspect, some associations and communities need a little extra support and devoted guidance. We’re here to assist your every need when managing your various properties. Contact us, and let’s discuss how we can meet your property needs.


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