The Impact of In-Unit Modifications

Most condominium Unit Owners feel that what they do within the walls of their unit is nobody’s business but their own, and to an extent they are correct.  The Association, however, is responsibility for maintaining the common elements within the community which can often be affected by “in-unit” work. 

Below are several scenarios to consider:

  • A contractor installing a sink accidentally damages a shared water line which then floods multiple units.
  • Plumbing work within a unit requires the water to be shut off within the building while a repair is made effecting all residents.
  • A painter drops a can of paint which explodes all throughout the common hallway.
  • A window installer tramples and kills the common landscaping, shrubbery and flowers beneath a window.

As benign as all these projects appear, within each of these scenarios there is a great impact on other residents as well as the common elements.  

For these reasons, it is important to notify your Trustees and/or Managing agent so they can ensure that the contractors working within the community are licensed (when necessary) and insured.

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