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Too Big, Too Small, or Just Right?!?!

Goldilocks had the right idea!

She knew that it was important to find just the right fit for her; whether it was her love for a comfy bed or the temperature of her dinner.  Finding the right Property Management Company for your community requires this same important consideration.

Many management companies are owned and operated by national corporations and operate as branch locations for these large corporations or are so vast as to manage properties from Pittsfield to Providence to Portsmouth.

 Since 1973, Crowninshield Management has been specializing in Condominium, Apartment and Commercial property management throughout the North Shore and Southern New Hampshire.   We choose to focus on this geographical service area to optimize the quality of service we can provide to our clients. 

 If your current management company treats you like just another drop in the ocean, contact Crowninshield and see the difference a privately-owned firm focused on personal, attentive service to our clients can mean to your community.

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Community Management During Covid-19

Property Management During Covid -19 These are trying times indeed!  Due to the nation-wide pandemic, state mandated stay-at-home orders continue to be extended with no definitive end in sight. We are faced with many challenges due to this crisis: Residents are finding that it can be difficult maintaining physical distancing while in elevators, stair wells,…

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The Impact of In-Unit Modifications

Most condominium Unit Owners feel that what they do within the walls of their unit is nobody’s business but their own, and to an extent they are correct.  The Association, however, is responsibility for maintaining the common elements within the community which can often be affected by “in-unit” work.  Below are several scenarios to consider:…

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