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Community Management During Covid-19

Property Management During Covid -19

These are trying times indeed!  Due to the nation-wide pandemic, state mandated stay-at-home orders continue to be extended with no definitive end in sight. We are faced with many challenges due to this crisis:

  • Residents are finding that it can be difficult maintaining physical distancing while in elevators, stair wells, and common hallways.
  • Many communities have established requirements that masks and gloves be worn at all times when in common areas.
  • Residents have been asked (and in some cases required) to limit visitations by non-residents, put non-essential interior unit repairs on hold, and require deliveries be left in foyers or entryways vs. being delivered to the units.
  • The Use of common area amenities such as clubhouses and fitness rooms have been restricted or eliminated.
  • Communities with Swimming Pools face the uncertainty of whether they will be able to open the pool(s) for the season.

As we all navigate these “new normal” challenges, many positive opportunities have also been realized:

  • Property Managers and Trustees are learning and utilizing new technologies to hold meetings (video conferencing and conference calling) to ensure the continued maintenance and operation of their communities.
  • Exterior maintenance and repairs projects can be undertaken with less disruption to residents due to residents saying home.
  • Residents are becoming more aware of their surroundings and how their actions and behaviors effect their neighbors.

This pandemic will not last forever but, hopefully, the lessons we learn through this will.

Be Safe.

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