Officers Duties and Responsibilities

Community association officers typically serve at the pleasure of the board in carrying out specific duties. Here is a checklist of the major responsibilities of the officers:


  • Chief executive officer and leader of the association
  • Presides at all meetings of the board and membership
  • Executes legal documents on behalf of the association
  • Sets meeting agendas and controls all meetings
  • Represents the board before the residents
  • May have nominating, if not appointment, responsibility for all committees

Vice President:

  • Performs all of the duties of the president in his or her absence
  • Typically shares some of the burden of the president regarding appearances, liaison, public hearings,etc.
  • Usually assigned liaison responsibility to specific staff or contractors and to specific committees


  • Prepares and distributes board and membership meeting agendas, minutes and materials referred to in minutes
  • Maintains minutes book on all meetings
  • Maintains book of resolutions
  • Maintains all official records, including official correspondence, contracts, membership roster, etc.
  • Receives, verifies and maintains all proxies
  • Attests, by signature, to the legitimacy of certain documents


  • Work with appropriate staff, contractors and committees to develop and submit annual operating budget for approval
  • Maintains adequate roster of all association financial transactions
  • Maintains roster of delinquent accounts and recommends action regarding collections
  • Receipt and disbursement of funds, as authorized
  • Prepares periodic financial reports
  • Arranges, subject to board approval, an independent audit of financial affairs

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