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Seven Tips to Spring into Energy Efficiency

Congratulations! You have endured the most wicked winter in history. Now it’s time to rejoice in the return to spring and all the green it brings. Speaking of green, spring is the ideal time to think about saving money and the planet. Here are seven tips to reduce costs and save energy.

Switch to LED Lighting
Although the initial cost of using LED lighting is typically higher than conventional lighting. in the long run you save money and energy. LED lights use 90% less energy than conventional lighting.  They offer a great low maintenance solution for indoor and outdoor lighting.

Explore digital solutions
With today’s advanced technologically, you can virtually control everything with a click on your smart phone or tablet. Take time to learn about the variety of systems you can control remotely. Something as simple as installing a programmable thermostat to reduce utility bills and manage heating and cooling systems efficiently is a great start.

Jettison your old appliances
Did you know that not buying new appliances can actually cost you more than investing in them? When purchasing new appliances, be sure to invest in the most energy efficient appliances. Take time to learn about smart appliances that can switch usage to non-peak hours.

Check your windows
Make sure to use snug-fitting shades on drafty windows. Now is a great time to repair your storm windows and get them ready for next winter. If you need to replace windows, check out high performance windows that are more energy efficient. Although you may not see the cost benefits for years, it’s worth the wait!

Conserve on your light usage
Are you wasting energy by not monitoring your lighting usage? Take advantage of the many ways to save energy  like sensors, dimmers, or timers  to reduce your lighting usage.

Streamline power usage
Use a power strip for all your electronics saves money and energy. Be sure to switch off the strip when you are done using the equipment.

Change Filters
Be sure to routinely change HVAC filters monthly during peak cooling or heating seasons. New filters are typically inexpensive. Dirty filters cost more to use, exhaust the equipment and result in lower indoor air quality.